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Kiribati threatened by climate change

Look here for the Kiribati Government’s website about the threat posed by climate change and responses to it.

Ghost Stories And Other Island Tales

Tim Butler has published his father’s memoirs about his life as a colonial officer in the Gilberts in the 1950s. It is an entertaining account of a time about which there seem to be few contemporary accounts, and may be of interest to anyone with an association with or historical interest in Kiribati.

See the book on Amazon

Prize for KTA film-maker Victoria Burns

A special Connect4Climate prize has been awarded to Tinau – “My Mother”- from UK/Kiribati producer Victoria Burns, exploring the grave concerns of small island nations such her homeland Kiribati.

Read all about it here – and watch the documentary

David Little at the Commonwealth Games

From David:

Apart from the Weight-lifting team, there were in Glasgow, as part of the delegation, athletes from Athletics, Boxing, Table-Tennis, and Wrestling.  These included one female weight-lifter and the first-ever female I-Kiribati boxer.

The results should be available to those interested from the Glasgow 2014 web-site.

The new Minister (for Women, Youth, and Sport) was much in daily evidence at the Kiribati House in the CG Village and she gave great and enthusiastic support to the team.

I  attach some personal photos from Glasgow, one being of the Minister, one of the Opening, and four others of David K. in various guises in Glasgow.

cwg glasgow 2014 084cwg glasgow 2014 017cwg glasgow 2014 081 cwg glasgow 2014 004  cwg glasgow 2014 063 cwg glasgow 2014 066 cwg glasgow 2014 072

Oceania Talent Identification Programme (OTIP)

From David Little:

The Oceania Talent Identification Programme (OTIP) received much publicity in Kiribati when Nei Maere Tekanene (Minister of Education) arranged for David Katoatau to visit many of the Tarawa schools after his return home from Glasgow in August.

You can read about it here:

The OTIP Programme in Kiribati

The titles given to two of the schools which he visited with his medal are a little confusing: the correct versions should be:
  • “Junior Secondary School, (JSS), Betio” instead of “Betio Town Council High School”.
  • “JSS, TUC 2” instead of “Teinainano Urban (Council) High School”.

VIDEO – Global warming, the Arctic and Kiribati

The Kiribati President is working with Green Peace to raise awareness about the effects of Global warming.

WATCH VIDEO (on Facebook)

Gold for Kiribati at the 2014 Commonwealth Games – videos

Two videos from The Reporters Academy:

Weightlifting: Kiribati’s Strong Man – Taubena Tatonga


Monday 28th July was another morning session at the Clyde Auditorium for the Kiribati weightlifting team with the Men’s 85kg Category. This morning’s sessions saw the turn of Taubena Tatonga, the 24 year old athlete from Kiribati. The atmosphere was as lively as ever in the Clyde creating the perfect inspiring support that each athlete would need during their event today.

As each athlete was introduced they walked out onto the stage area each athlete greeted by enthusiastic applause. Taubena was announced as the last athlete to join his fellow athletes in the line up. He stood on the stage smiling broadly, showing the audience the happy personality of the pacific islanders.

Taubena was 4th to come out onto the stage to lift his first weight. As he walked out he paused and took a deep breath as he approached the bar. Calming his nerves he prepared himself by getting into the correct starting position facing the front with his feet in a line. The buzzer sounded for the last 30 seconds of the countdown, this signalling that the lifter may begin. After a couple more seconds he used all his strength to lift the weight in the snatch section of the session. This first attempt was a ‘Good Lift’ with a weight of 115kg.

After making this lift look easy he increased the weight by 5kg to 120kg. Unfortunately this second attempt at this new higher weight was unsuccessful and walking back into the practice area Taubena looked disappointed. His 3rd attempt on the snatch section of the session looked promising to start with but was again a no lift.

After these 3 attempts at the snatch it was time to move onto the clean & jerk. Again Taubena was 4th to take to the stage for the clean and jerk. He started on a weight of 145kg and on his first attempt was again successful. The second attempt at 151kg  sounded the buzzer to say ‘No Lift’ where 2 red lights were present, these 2 red lights meant that the best out of three were mainly red and therefore it was ruled a ‘No Lift.’ The crowd roared in disagreement and the session was stopped for the jury to deliberate. Unfortunately for Taubena Tatonga and Kiribati the jury agreed ‘No lift.’ Taubena was unlucky with his 3rd attempt again being unsuccessful at 151kg with the judges deciding that an attempt was made at the jerk.  Despite this the crowd cheered, clapped and screamed as Taubena left the stage congratulating him on an exciting event that kept everyone on the edge of their seat.

This article was produced by Gemma Martin of The Reporters’ Academy, the official media of the Pacific Nations at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Currently reporting from the athletes village. The Reporters’ Academy is a youth media production company integrated into the world of sport, media and education. 


Weightlifting: Taretiita’s time to shine

Taretiita_Tabaroua_6Following on from his teammate’s success yesterday, Sunday 27th July saw Taretiita Tabaroua represent Kiribati at the Clyde Auditorium the home of weightlifting for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Taretiita competed in the Men’ss 77kg Group C category against 8 other athletes including one from the not so far away nation of Niue, Jack Feleti.

With most of the seats in the auditorium occupied, the atmosphere at the Clyde was inspiring for each and every athlete with the crowd getting behind everyone. They were especially loud for Taretiita as he walked out onto the stage as the 8th athlete to take to the floor in the snatch section of the event. Taretiita jointly started on the heaviest starting weight of the session in the snatch along with the athlete from Barbados.

During this first section of the session, the snatch, the weight must be lifted in one movement so that the athletes’ arms are fully extended above their head. Taretiita had 2 ‘Good Lifts’ with a weight of firstly 105kg followed by a lift of 110kg. Unfortunately his third and therefore, final lift of the snatch was unsuccessful leaving him in 2nd place after all 3 lifts in the snatch.

He was the 5th athlete to make an appearance in the Clean & Jerk section of the session with a successful starting weight of 135kg. The audience clapped as he walked out onto the mat where he made this 2 movement lift of 135kg look easy and smooth unlike some of the athletes that had come before him. Taretiita spoke about how the spectators’ encouragement helped him when he said, “I felt happy when I was lifting as many people supported me and my country.” He increased the weight of this first lift by 10kg ready for his next lift; this lift of 145kg was a ‘Good Lift’ once again. With one more attempt at the clean and jerk the crowd sat and wondered what weight he would further go up to.

Increasing the weight by another 5kg meant that if he was successful he would move into first place. Unfortunately, after the clean section of the clean and jerk the judges gave him 3 red lights meaning that this lift was a ‘No Lift.’ This gave him a total weight 255kg putting him in second place in his group. Takenibeia Toromon, who competed the day, before expressed his feelings about his teammate’s performance when he said “I feel proud of him, but know in the future he will only get better.” Taretiita is only 19 and after his experience at the Commonwealth Games plans to go home and take a break for a few months and then to get back into training and try hard for the events that will occur in the future.

This article was produced by Gemma Martin of The Reporters’ Academy, the official media of the Pacific Nations at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Currently reporting from the athletes village. The Reporters’ Academy is a youth media production company integrated into the world of sport, media and education.

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Kiribati Athletics Team to Oceania Championships

From David Little.   04/05/14

The Kiribati Athletics Association (KAA) have selected the following team to travel to Rarotonga, Cook Islands, for the next Oceania Athletics Association (OAA) Open and under-20 Championships, being held from June 24 – 26.

  1. Nooa Taakoa.   The most experienced of the four male athletes, having competed in the 100m. at the London Olympics.   He has been entered for the Open 100m. and 200m.
  2. Kiatau Cama.   Also becoming more experienced and currently holder of the KAA National Record (NR) for the Mens’ 200m.   He has been entered for the Open 100m., 200m., and Long Jump.
  3. Utiraoi Takaria.   He represented KAA in the 100m. in the World Youth Championships in Ukraine last year.    He has the biggest commitment, having been entered for the u-20 100m., 200m., Long Jump and Triple Jump.
  4. Saalim Farouq.   This is the “new boy” of the team.    He has been entered for the u-20 100m., 400m., and Long Jump.

Finally these four, if they avoid injury, will make up the Open 4 x 100m. Relay team.

In charge of the trip this time will be Mr. Keukeu Tiimi, a teacher at JSS TUC1 with KAA Chief Coach and Vice-President Brian Fukuyama.   Keukeu was also one of the ten people who qualified on Tarawa in January this year as IAAF CECS Level 1 coaches.

Their results will be published in due course after the trip.