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Oceania Talent Identification Programme (OTIP)

From David Little:

The Oceania Talent Identification Programme (OTIP) received much publicity in Kiribati when Nei Maere Tekanene (Minister of Education) arranged for David Katoatau to visit many of the Tarawa schools after his return home from Glasgow in August.

You can read about it here:

The OTIP Programme in Kiribati

The titles given to two of the schools which he visited with his medal are a little confusing: the correct versions should be:
  • “Junior Secondary School, (JSS), Betio” instead of “Betio Town Council High School”.
  • “JSS, TUC 2” instead of “Teinainano Urban (Council) High School”.

Webmaster needed!

The current KTA Webmaster would like to retire from the role in the next few months. Do you have any WordPress experience? If you do (or if you are willing to teach yourself WordPress) would you like to take over the technical operation of the website?

The Webmaster responds to requests from the KTA Committee – particularly the Publicity Officer – to add new facilities, add new page/posts, edit pages/posts and so on. He also generally keeps an eye on the website, installing updates and ensuring it is all working well. There is plenty of opportunity to be as creative as you like, developing your own ideas and content for the website – with the Committee’s agreement, of course.

The current Webmaster will be happy to provide back-up, if needed, to the new Webmaster for a limited period of time.

Any takers!

Please contact the webmaster (Jeremy Cooper)

This new-look website!

By Jeremy Cooper (Webmaster)

This KTA site has been developed using WordPress to enable other people than me to manage and contribute to the site. My hope is that the website becomes a resource truly owned by the KTA, so that I may stand aside.


WordPress is a free Content Management System which has millions of users: it is “open-source” software which means that users can contribute to its improvement and development – nobody commercially owns WordPress (see Once a site has been set up using WordPress, anyone who is registered as a user on the site can alter the site using just the web browser on their computer. The whole operation is managed entirely on-line!


This new site has two types of content: it has “static” pages like those on the old site: these are listed in the menu bar at the top of the page.

It also has posts: these are like a blog. The posts are what is shown in the “News and Features” section of the site – what you are now reading is a post. The other posts showing on the site have all been moved from the Notices and Features sections of the old site. Posts are all archived and indexed by month of publication and by Category.


There are several types of “users”. The following are the types relevant to this site:

  • Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
  • Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
  • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.

I am currently the only Administrator. If you are already familiar with WordPress and would like to share this role, let me know.

I envisage that most users will, to begin with, be Contributors – that is writing posts for approval before publication.

Only Members of The KTA will usually be registered as users.


Writing a post is like using a blog, and a bit like using Facebook. Posts can include images (Contributors can upload images and add them to their posts) and documents like .pdf files (Contributors can upload these and link to them in their posts). So a post might consist just of notice that a new document, for example a report on an event, is available, with a link to it.

All posts will have to be approved by an Administrator before publication – the Administrator can sort out any problems a new Contributor might encounter, and reserves the right to sub-edit all posts. If things go well, a Contributor could be promoted to Author then Editor …


If you’d like to write a particular post, or become a regular poster, let me know, telling me what you have in mind, and if I think it is appropriate I’ll register you on the site – you might like to suggest a user name and password, and also how you would like your name to appear on your post.

If you would like to post something, but would rather I did it for you, send me the text and any photos.

I hope you like the new look. Don’t hesitate to get involved if you’d want to!

Past reports & photo galleries



PLEASE NOTE that future reports and  galleries will be added to this site as posts (see the listings in the right hand column).

Download the Adobe Reader files:


Food of Ghosts

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Detective Sergeant Louisa Townsend from Edinburgh is on the island, helping train local police officers in basic detecting skills. She is asked to find the killer and jumps at the chance to be in charge of her first murder investigation. She marvels at the simplicity of the task ahead – after all, how difficult can it be to find the murderer on a desert island the size of a postage stamp and with only one road? But nothing on Tarawa is what it seems.

There is a rumour the victim’s eyes were eaten as part of a macabre, cannibalistic ritual and a second body is found and a third death looks suspicious. With no forensics on Tarawa and no one telling the truth, Louisa begins to worry she’s out of her depth – not to mention the voices in her head have started up again.

DS Townsend is an engaging, new female detective from Edinburgh, who is as impetuous as she is ambitious, with an innate sense of justice at her core. Her determination to find the killer is matched only by her struggle to overcome an obsessive compulsive disorder, which threatens to consume her. To read Food of Ghosts is to be taken to Tarawa and be immersed in the crazy sights and sounds of the contradictory island and its people. Food of Ghosts is the first in a series of crime novels featuring DS Louisa Townsend.

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