Recent Developments in (Association) Football in Kiribati

From David Little.

Having been trying at various times since 1997 to get into either the Oceania Football Confederation (OCF) or FIFA, in May 2016 Kiribati Islands Football Association (KIFA) applied to join the Confederation of Independent Football Associations (CONIFA).    And so Kiribati, representing Oceania, will join 15 other teams (who are not members of FIFA) in their own “World Cup”.   This is due to be held in London between May 31st. and June 10th. 2018.

A recent addition to the KIFA administration is Jake Kewley who visited Tarawa in 2015.   He is described as “Ambassador and International Manager of KIFA” and works from his home in UK.   He is responsible for the arrangements to get the KIFA team to London next year and initially is looking for sources of funding to cover the costs of the party of 16 players plus 2-3 coaches/managers.   The organisers will be supplying accommodation and food but each nation has to cover its travel (and other) costs.   For KIFA these have been estimated to total £50,000.   At least half this will be return airfares.   It is hoped the team will be able to leave Tarawa on May 24th. which would give them four days to train and acclimatise in London.    It is likely the team will leave London on June. 11th.

The other teams involved are:

Africa: Barawa, Matabeleland, and Kabylia.

Asia:  Tibet, Tamil Felam, United Koreans of Japan, and Panjab.

Europe:  Abkhasia, Padania, Northern Cyprus, Western Armenia, Ellan Vannin,

                 Febvidek, Szekely Land.

North America:  Cascadia.

Oceania:  Kiribati.

As you will see and note, the majority of these are not UN nations nor complete independent countries, both of which Kiribati are.   Outcomes will be interesting.   Once more details of draw, match dates, times and venues are known, they too will be published on the KTA site.   It goes without saying that your support and hospitality will be welcomed.   For more background plus an interview with Jake Kewley, please go to the CONIFA web-site/Oceania.